It’s a well-known fact that Brits enjoy a drink or two, from a pint of Guinness, a glass of red and even a cocktail or two.

But along with the more traditional alcoholic beverages that many enjoy, there are many modern twists on classics, especially with spirits.

Gone are the days of straight-tasting gin, vodka, or tequila as the list of flavours continues to grow, welcoming bold new tastes to enjoy.

That includes the world of cream liqueurs, the tasty alcoholic drink that mixes cream with a spirit, with the most notable flavours including Bailey’s Irish Cream and Tequila Rose.

Whilst both taste great and are personal favourites of mine, we’re going to be focusing on Tequila Rose as there is a new, cheaper version of the liqueur now on supermarket shelves.

South Wales Argus: Are you a Tequila Rose fan?Are you a Tequila Rose fan? (Image: Newsquest)

Budget-friendly brand Aldi has created their very own dupe of Tequila Rose, El Toro Strawberry Cream Tequila.

Costing £9.99 a bottle instead of its competitor's £14.50, Aldi’s Tequila does save you money, but the big question is, does it taste as nice?

Luckily, I got to try it out for myself and here’s the final verdict.

Is Aldi’s Tequila Rose good?

Aldi has become well known for creating impressive, duped versions of popular items, from beauty, food and now alcohol.

This brings me to my first point, whilst it is a dupe for the flavour of Tequila Rose, El Toro's design is much different.

The original version comes in a bottle unlike another, with an almost triangle, rectangle design that makes it stand out against others on a supermarket shelf.

Covered in a black design of roses and dashes of pink, the Tequila Rose bottle features three unseemingly strawberries that are actually very useful.

The strawberry starts silver but once chilled turns to pink, letting you know when it's ready to drink and enjoy.

Aldi’s own version does not feature the magical colour-changing strawberry and its design is more simple compared to Tequila Rose but if you are more focused on taste then look, you are in luck.

Aldi has seemed to create a perfect-tasting dupe with nearly no amount of difference to its inspiration.

South Wales Argus: Will you be trying Aldi's Tequila Rose?Will you be trying Aldi's Tequila Rose? (Image: Newsquest)

Keeping the branded versions iconic pink drink, the cream liqueur from Aldi is not thick compared to others on the market.

Plus, the taste of strawberry is not overpowering and is instead like a strawberry milkshake with an added spicy kick coming from the tequila.

Whilst you can’t taste the aromas of tequila as much as you are able to with straight tequila, the punch from the spirit is there and only adds to the overall taste of the drink.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Tequila Rose or love a cream liqueur, Aldi’s El Toro Strawberry Cream Tequila is worth adding to your home bar.

Helping you save money whilst tasting just as great as its inspiration, Aldi has seemed to create once again a near-perfect dupe that helps customers save without losing any of the taste.