Despite relying on our fridge to keep our food fresh, many of us don't know how much it's actually costing us to run.

Brits up and down the country continue to hunt for creative ways to cut costs whether it's slashing items from their shopping lists or its reducing your energy usage. 

Almost half (47%) of adults in Great Britain are currently using less fuel such as gas or electricity in their homes, according to recent figures from the Office of National Statistics.

Thinking more economically about our appliances is one way we can save on our bills amid the continuing cost of living crisis.

Although you need to have your fridge turned on 24 hours a day, it doesn't mean you can't make some money-saving changes with it either.

A more efficient fridge could save you £580 over its 17-year lifetime, according to Energy Saving Trust.

To help make your fridge as energy efficient as possible, a refrigerator expert has shared his insight.

Omar Idrissi, who is also the owner of ADK Kooling, has shared his top tips and guidance which are set to save you a penny or two.

13 tips to help you save money with your fridge

1. Set the Right Temperature: Make sure the temperatures in your freezer and fridge are set to the correct levels. Generally speaking, the refrigerator should be set at 3–4°C.

2. Clean the Coils: The fridge may have to work harder if the condenser coils have dust and debris on them. Use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to frequently clean them (at least twice a year).

3. Check Door Seals: Make sure the freezer and refrigerator doors' seals are airtight. If you can easily take a note out after closing the door, the seals may need to be replaced.

4. Organise Efficiently: To improve ventilation, organise the contents of your refrigerator. Avoid packing it too tightly because doing so can lower the appliance's efficiency.

5. Know your refrigerator's temperature ranges: Usually, the shelves at the top are warmer, the shelves in the centre are a little cooler, and the shelves at the bottom are the coldest. The area that is warmest is the door shelves.

6. Perishable foods like meat, poultry, and fish should be kept in the coldest section of the refrigerator: This is often the bottom shelves. Put these things in airtight jars or bags that can be sealed. For storage of leftovers, fruits, and vegetables, use airtight containers or resealable bags.

7. Keep Food Covered: To keep moisture from evaporating and making the compressor work harder to maintain the proper temperature, cover food and liquids.

8. Don't Leave the Door Open: When choosing what to take, try not to leave the refrigerator door open for too long. This allows warm air to enter and cool air to exit.

9. Allow Hot Food to Cool: Before putting hot foods in the refrigerator, let them cool to room temperature. The compressor may have to work harder because hot objects can raise the internal temperature.

10. Regular Defrosting: Make sure to routinely defrost your manual defrost freezer. Coil efficiency may suffer from ice buildup.

11. Location Matters: Keep the refrigerator out of direct sunlight, radiators, and other sources of heat. To allow for proper ventilation, provide sufficient clearance space around the refrigerator.

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12. Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances: When it's time to replace your fridge, look for appliances that have an ‘A’ rated energy level. In the UK, appliances are rated on a scale of A to G, with the A models being the most efficient. These models may be more expensive initially, but they’ll save you money in the long run.

13. Use the Energy-Saving Mode: You can switch on the energy-saving mode on some refrigerators when you don't need to use it as regularly, as while you're away from home.

Omar shared: “Fridges are undoubtedly one of the most common and indispensable household appliances, and given they need to be left on all day and night, ensuring yours is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible will prove beneficial financially.

"With the current cost-of-living crisis, everyone is looking for easy ways to save some money, and an efficient fridge will definitely help you do just that.”