As a teenage white girl in my 20s, Taylor Swift and horoscopes are borderline personality traits for me now so I thought why not take it one step further and visit a psychic?

To preface my experience, I’m open-minded but not a believer. I was brought up agnostic and curious but I’ve never been into ghosts, angels or anything particularly spiritual.

I stumbled into the world of Astrology in my 20s – as many of us do – as I attempted to navigate the world around me, trying to find meaning amid Zoom meetings and Slack channels.

It was fun. Learning and bonding with my friends and colleagues over our ‘sun, moon and rising’ has given me a sense of identity and purpose – even if the horoscopes are teasingly cryptic.

South Wales Argus: I got into Astrology in my 20s and it's given me a sense of purpose and identity. ( Canva)I got into Astrology in my 20s and it's given me a sense of purpose and identity. ( Canva) (Image: Canva)

My curiosity (and let’s face it – a bit of soul searching) even took to me a Tarot card reading a few years ago when I was coming out of the pandemic - unemployed, single and living with my parents.

Truthfully, I was completely taken with them. There is a kind of beauty and elegance to them that I enjoyed. I adored the simplicity of letting the cards decide my fate for me.

The tarot reader guessed my sign – Pisces, to those wondering – instantly. And she made some comments that were a bit close to home and that was it.

Since then, I’ve been keen to go again – unable to shake my utter fascination with it but also curious to see what the cards would predict when I wasn’t feeling so obviously vulnerable.

I recently went to see my best friend for a catchup weekend of brunching and vintage shopping (the other two personality traits of young white women in their 20s).

When quite by accident, we stumbled on a psychic who had some free time for an appointment for us both (it’s like she knew we were coming!).

What is a psychic?

For those of you who are unsure, a psychic claims to have a special mental ability.

Psychic abilities encompass everything from predicting the future or being able to tell what you’re thinking.

These abilities can't be explained by the natural laws of science.

I hope my psychic's predictions about my future aren't true

We were greeted by a warm-faced woman with wild and wispy hair – I’ll keep her identity anonymous – who led us into a small room dressed from floor to ceiling in rich purple fabric.

As I sat down in that purply velvet room, every age-old spooky circus fortune teller stereotype I’d grown up with was confirmed in a single moment.

Crystals in every colour, tarot cards, tea leaves and a crystal ball – I did everything I could to suppress a smirk.

Starting with my reluctant and slightly nervous friend, the psychic shared that she was picking up a light aura from her – that she was bubbly and colourful.

Having been friends with her for seven years now, I can attest that it’s very true but if I’m being sceptical, it’s not much of a reach – she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Taking out a deck of cards, she asked my friend to select three and place them on the table in front of us.

South Wales Argus: Crystals in every colour, tarot cards, tea leaves and a crystal ball – I did everything I could to suppress a smirk. ( Canva)Crystals in every colour, tarot cards, tea leaves and a crystal ball – I did everything I could to suppress a smirk. ( Canva) (Image: Canva)

After producing three remarkably similar-looking cards, the psychic explained that she would experience three jumps in her life and career.

Her first would keep her in Scotland but the next two would take her to studying and working in Paris – a place she’s never expressed much interest in even visiting before.

The psychic went on to make some very keen observations about her – noting her passion for art and theatre as well as her changeable and independent personality.

It was only when she started to talk about my friend’s recent break-up did the hairs on my arm really begin to stand.

Maintaining slightly uncomfortable eye contact, she noted how controlling and intense their dynamic had been but she could see that she was quickly becoming herself again.

Having decided she was going to get off the dating apps again that very morning, it was eerie to hear the psychic tell her that she needed to be single for a while longer.

She told her that she is a free spirit and that she knows herself well.

All very comforting but it’s not anything I haven’t told her a million times before (and at least then we had cocktails).

Then it was my turn.

Shifting in her amethyst-coloured chair, she looked up and gestured for me to hand over one of my rings.

I was wearing a thin, cheap gold ring with a silver jewel in the middle of the band – it was part of a set. Probably from H&M.

Rocking the ring back and forth between her fingers, she explained that I hadn’t chosen this ring at random and that it reminded me of one my grandmother used to own.

In disbelief, I nodded – saying nothing more.

She enquired about my relationship with her – noting that we are very close and that I was very similar to her.

The psychic then went on to describe my grandmother's engagement ring – the one I have always associated with her and hoped one day to have – in intimate detail.

It was unsettling.

The conversation then turned to angels – apparently, I am being guided by one (although I wish they’d intervene with my out-of-control compulsive shopping habit).

I’ve never really believed in angels but I was immediately reminded that a psychic had told my mum (before I was born) that she was one.

Like my friend before me, some off-the-wall predictions followed – I would go to Australia where I would see running horses and she saw me in a yellow hard hat interviewing a celebrity on a mountain.

The psychic noted that I was content in my job – stressed but never bored – and that in the future I wouldn’t stray too far from what I’m doing now.

Up until this point, everything sounded great – I couldn’t wait for the future to arrive!

But the mood shifted when she told me that I had already met the love of my life.

Not the news any chronically single girl wants to hear.

The wispy-haired woman then described the man of my past as quiet, charismatic, with dark hair and that there was something about him.

He was in my life before when we were too young apparently, but our paths are supposed to cross again.

The psychic went on to say that this man had a black cat and that our chance meeting had something to do with a car slowing down.

I could feel myself stiffen in my chair.

Not to give you too much of an insight into my personal life, but I did date someone for several years in my late teens and early 20s who fits that description perfectly – right down to the cat.

I can hear the screams through the screen already even before I hit publish:  IT COULD BE ANYONE! YOU’RE READING INTO IT! WHO CARES?!

And honestly, you’re right.

South Wales Argus: The psychic said I had already met the love if my life and our paths would cross again. ( Getty Images)The psychic said I had already met the love if my life and our paths would cross again. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

I really hope you’re right anyway.

In my first real relationship, I learned so much about myself, love, dating and heartbreak from my time with him.

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on it and having dated other people since, all I see is how toxic and unhealthy it was.

So Astrology might be fun, and it might feel comforting to think that your future is already pre-determined by Tarot Cards or Angels or some wider untouchable force but it can really mess with your head.

And just one other thing – I have a wee message to the universe, to fate, destiny or whoever it is that might be listening.

If I have any free will or choice at all, I believe Taylor Swift said it best - We are never ever ever getting back together.