I RETURNED from an evening out about 11.30pm on Hallowe'en to find that a tin of baked beans had been thrown all over my door.

I had no choice but to clean up the mess straight away.

Obviously, some cretinous "trick or treaters" were responsible.

Why on earth do we publicise this moronic ritual every year? It just encourages these useless morons to go around with the sole intention of making people's lives a misery.

If I had been in, and answered the door, no doubt I would have had a tin of beans thrown over me.

It's time this moronic ritual - copied from the USA - received a definite "thumbs down" in the UK.

Where were the parents? Do they realise what their little darlings are up to on the eve of October 31?

Why should I have to clean up this mess just before I'm ready for bed?

These morons are responsible, and therefore they should clean it up.

I'm 72 years old and feel very vulnerable.

Bring back discipline in the schools. Let them leave at 14, if they are not interested in learning, and get used to doing a hard graft.

They'll be all the better for it in the long run, and turn into responsible citizens.

Name and address withheld