WHEN A budding tattoo artist began his apprenticeship in Newport he had no idea how quickly things would snowball.

Jay Maybry took on a tattoo apprenticeship at Newport-based tattoo studio Inksu 4FX in July 2022 – and straight away he hit it off with tattoo artist Jax Jones and the pair quickly became the best of friends.

Fast forward 15 months and the dynamic duo have now opened their own tattoo shop – Mythos Tattoo Studio – which is based above Nuthouse Hair Design in Newport Arcade.

South Wales Argus: Mythos Tattoo Studio in Newport Arcade

Lifestyle reporter Leah Powell visited...

Mythos Tattoo Studio officially opened on October 24, following a trial day on October 21.

As it's based above Nuthouse Hair Design I walked through the hair salon, and up the spiral staircase, to the studio where I was offered a warm welcome.

Jax Jones, who has been a tattoo artist for almost eight years, said: “When I was an apprentice, I never imagined that I’d be opening my own studio.

"We are running the shop in the sense that there is no boss – we are both individuals and I want it to collaborative without putting too much pressure on anybody.”

South Wales Argus: Jax Jones inking a client

But why the name mythos?

"Mythos" is the Latin word for myths, and Jax Jones admits that he is obsessed with mythology - including elder god Cthulhu (who is featured on the studio logo) and Welsh mythology.

South Wales Argus: Cthulhu is featured on Mythos Tattoo Studio's logo“When we talked about opening our own shop I mentioned the name and Jay loved it," explained Mr Jones.

"Over time I'm hoping to cover the shop in gnarly stuff based on myths - especially Welsh mythology."

Currently, Mythos Tattoo Studio is a two-man team focused on getting their name out and fully training Jay Maybry, who is still an apprentice.

South Wales Argus: Apprentice Jay Maybry

Along with the rapport the pair have as friends their art styles "complement each other" according to Mr Jones.

"We do a bit of everything, but our main focus is bold lines and bright colours," said the 28-year-old.

"I tend to do more traditional Japanese or American work, while Jay does more anime Japanese and cartoons.

"Our styles complement each other and it's good to have that crossover."

Although Jay Maybry's apprenticeship began in July 2022 there have been learning stages - he's been tattooing people for about a month and a half and is doing "really well" according to Mr Jones.

A client who was in the studio at the time mentioned seeing a tattoo by Jay on social media, describing it as "amazing" and "insane".

How are the pair finding Newport Arcade?

Newport Arcade is a hub of independent businesses, and the tattoo artists are already feeling the community spirit.

Mr Jones is also a musician, performing with Rhiannon Ruth as Act Happy, and has performed open mics at Arcadia Coffee House which is based in the arcade. 

South Wales Argus: Tattoo artist and musician Jax Jones"I'm friends with the owners of Newport Arcade and they've been so lovely and supportive," said Mr Jones.

"There's such a nice community here."

“Jax is well known in the music scene so they've been backing us,” added Mr Maybry.

"Madame JoJo's [a bar on High Street] have been really supportive along with the like-minded people and friends here [Newport Arcade].

"It's so good that we've landed on our feet and we'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has given us their backing and support.

"We couldn't do this without the support."

South Wales Argus: Jay Maybry at Mythos Tattoo Studio

Although people can contact the studio via Instagram @mythostattoostudio or Facebook the "best way" to make enquiries is by popping into the shop. This allows clients to discuss designs and - if keen - book a space.

Mythos Tattoo Studio is open from 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. It's accessed via the spiral staircase at Nuthouse Hair Design in Newport Arcade.