THE MISSION to turn the site of a legendary Newport nightclub into a hotel is still on.

Progress in recent months means the hoarding outside the Clarence Place building can be removed for the footway to be cleaned and reopened.

Newport City Council says it is “pleased” the work to the front façade has been completed after previously taking legal action against the property’s owners due to concerns about the dangerous state of the building.

Numerous musical giants walked through TJ’s green and red doors, including Oasis, Green Day, and Muse, as well as fabled lovers Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

Following the death of owner John Sicolo in 2010, the council said there were no realistic attempts to revive the site as a live music venue.

South Wales Argus: The hoarding can soon be removed

Permission was granted in 2019 for the building to be turned into a 58-bed easyHotel.

A spokesperson for Newport City Council said: “Improvement works have been carried out to the former TJ’s building in Clarence Place following enforcement action by Newport City Council.

“The council has taken enforcement and legal action on more than one occasion due to concerns over the privately-owned property.

“A Listed Building Enforcement Notice and a Section 215 unsightly land notice were served on the owners.

“This required stone balustrades on the front façade to be reinstated and renewed. Other loose material that posed a risk also had to be removed and repairs carried out to the roof.

South Wales Argus: Newport council has previously taken legal action over the "dangerous" state of the building

“In recent months, significant work has been undertaken to the roof and façade of the building. The council is pleased that this work to the front façade has finally been completed. This will allow the hoarding at ground level to be removed, and the pavement to be cleansed, in order for the footway to be reopened.

“Monitoring of the site will continue and further action will be taken if necessary.

“The council would like to see the building completely refurbished and brought back into beneficial use. Planning permission was granted in 2019 for it to be used as a hotel and the consent is still valid.”

easyHotel has been approached for comment.