NEWPORT and Islwyn Conservatives have promised to be a "force" after merging to reflect the new parliamentary boundaries.

Some Welsh constituencies will move and merge in order to accommodate the new number of 32 Westminster MPs, down from 40, as lawmakers attempt to even out the number of constituents in each seat across the UK.

Newport East has lost ground to the Monmouthshire constituency but taken some of the old Newport West. Newport West, meanwhile, has absorbed the former Islwyn constituency which covered Risca and Blackwood towns.

This will bring the average number of constituents in each area up to the region of 70,000.

Reflecting these changes, the Conservatives have announced a Federation of Newport & Islwyn will replace the three former Conservative associations.

John Jones, city councillor for Graig, has been elected as the Federation’s first chair. He said: “We need to be build upon our current position by being more proactive in our communities, by engaging more with the residents and letting people know that we listen to them and support them."

Nick Jones, the party's prospective parliamentary candidate for Newport, takes the role of Treasurer, while Bishton and Langstone councillor William Routley and former association chair Huw Davies will serve as Constituency Officers.

  • Deputy-Chair Political - Imogen Martin
  • Deputy-Chair Membership - Kerry Ballard
  • Treasurer - Nick Jones
  • Constituency Officers - Cllr William Routley, Huw Davies

“I want to increase our share of positions in the council and across all political platforms, and that job starts here and now," said Mr Jones. "I look forward to working with my new team and the wider Executive Committee about the changes we here in Newport so desperately need.”

The new team are due to meet next week, with the Executive Committee coming together in the coming weeks.

The Federation has planned fundraising events which they hope will also see their membership grow.

“As separate associations, we had good but limited success,” said Mr Jones. “Now, as one Federation, with the combined numbers and experience, we really can become a force to be reckoned with.”