A popular pharmacy in Pontypool reopened under new management earlier this year.

On the site of the former Lloyds Pharmacy in Pontypool, a brand-new one has sprung up.

Now known as Layanson Pharmacy, it is under the management of lead pharmacist Ade Layade.

Mr Layade, affectionately known by staff and patients alike as Dammy, took over the former Lloyds in July this year.

As a pharmacist for 13 years, Mr Layade has gotten to know the pharmaceutical industry like the back of his hand.

This has also been helped by the fact that his family have all gone into the medical profession, either as doctors or pharmacists, meaning he grew up in the pharmacy environment as a young boy.

He said: “I think I always knew as a result that I was going to become a pharmacist. Given my family history, I feel this was meant to be.”

Mr Layade already knew his patients well, as he had worked at the branch for six months when it was a Lloyds during lockdown as a locum.

“I felt very at home at this pharmacy, so I knew that if I ever got the chance to have my own pharmacy, it had to be in Pontypool,” he explained.

“When this one came up for sale, I jumped at the chance to be a permanent part of this community.”

He and his team have become well-known among the residents of Pontypool for providing that extra-personal touch to their customers.

This includes operating a walk-in service for all ailments as of his customers are elderly and cannot use online systems.

Key to the ethos behind Layanson Pharmacy is the commitment to bringing consistency and stability to the community.

Mr Layade said: “We wanted to provide that consistent support to patients as part of this community, so they get to know us and feel they can trust us to help them whenever they need us. We want to be their pharmacy of choice.

“Having the same face serve you five days a week is so important, as you know they’ll understand you and be familiar with your history. This is particularly helpful for many of our patients who are loyal regulars that have been coming here for 20 years.”

Torfaen MP Nick Thomas-Symonds described Dammy’s story as “inspirational” when he visited the business recently.

The business opened with the help of Barclays. Business manager Deb Reader said: "As champions of local business, it is essential that we support local businesses such as Layanson Pharmacy.

"Dammy is a great example of an entrepreneur using their industry experience, passion, and skills to develop a successful business. 

"Dammy’s story is a real inspiration and being able to support his vision is the best part of my job.”

Layanson Pharmacy’s opening hours are 9am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays.

You can find the new pharmacy at 124 Osborne Rd, Pontypool NP4 6LT.