A SORRY headteacher has apologised to the school’s neighbours who have been kept awake by faulty alarms.

Posting on a community Facebook group, St. Julian’s Primary School headteacher Luke Mansfield said the school was “so genuinely sorry” for the disturbance – especially at night.

The apology, posted at around 11:20pm on Tuesday, November 7, would have come as welcome news to families in close proximity to the Newport school who had been hearing the alarm all too frequently over half-term.

It read: “We’re so sorry to those of you who live near the school and have been disturbed by our alarm system sounding a number of times over the past week – especially when it’s been in the night.

“It’s taken some time for us to get to the bottom of why it’s been sounding so frequently over half-term. Today, we worked with an engineer to finally pinpoint a faulty sensor which seems to be the culprit.

“Rest assured, it’s been replaced today and we’re hoping that you will now be able to enjoy some quieter nights’ sleep.

“Once again, we’re so genuinely sorry – we appreciate how awful it must be having the alarm sounding until someone gets there to check the school and deactivate it.”

The post has picked up more than 40 likes at the time of publication, with one user commenting: “Thank you so much for this information. I can imagine it’s been incredibly frustrating for all. I worked in a school with a similar issue once. It turned out to be a spider that had got inside the sensor and it came out at night for a wander. That took a long time to realise too!”

The chair of governors, Cllr Deborah Davies, announced the appointment of Mr Mansfield in September 2019.