A NEW food stall is set to open in Newport Market this month that specialises in serving gluten and lactose-free pancakes.

The Pancake Man was founded in May 2023 by Chris and Efty after joking with housemates about creating their own pancake business.

The business opened its first stall in Bristol and markets in the surrounding area in July, and now three months later it will open its first ever standalone store in Newport.

Chris and Efty told the South Wales Argus that Newport is the perfect place to open their first standalone stall.

South Wales Argus: Pancake Man Signature dish. Picture: Beth WhelanPancake Man Signature dish. Picture: Beth Whelan (Image: Beth Whelan)Efty said: “When I started this business in May, our initiative was to open in Newport that was our goal.

“I feel that Newport suited the business and the aesthetics of Newport Market as it is an iconic place and it looks like kind of street food vibe.

“We started doing local markets and wanted to keep it like that, instead of opening a restaurant, I want to take it from there and see how it goes as Newport is close to Bristol.”

The Pancake Man was due to open in Newport Market in September but due to delays, the opening date was pushed forward until this month.

South Wales Argus: Pancake Man will open in Newport Market. Picture: Beth WhelanPancake Man will open in Newport Market. Picture: Beth Whelan (Image: Beth Whelan)Chris and Efty are aiming to open the new stall next weekend, with the latest opening day of Saturday, November 25

The pancakes are 100% gluten and lactose-free and can be served with toppings such as Maple Syrup, Strawberries, Bananas, Whipped Cream, and Nutella.

Chris and Efty  was also inspired by the Mcgriddle breakfast sandwich, served at McDonald's in his home country of Canada.

Chris and Efty  will include a breakfast pancake with bacon, egg, and cheese between two pancakes with organic maple syrup over the top.

Chris added: “At the moment we will be serving Canadian-style thick pancakes, with many toppings. Our signature TPM is inspired by the McGriddle in Canada."

The Pancake Man will open on the Market side at M13, it will replace Ostuni which expanded its business into a bigger unit within Newport Market.

Opening hours of the Pancake Man will be Wednesday to Sunday 10am until 5pm.