A SON murdered his own mother after beating her to death in a “frenzied” attack that left her with horrific injuries.

Lewis Bush, 26, savagely killed Kelly Pitt in her home in Newport after subjecting her to a campaign of domestic abuse and had bullied and beaten her for years.

He would demand money from her and had previous convictions for assaulting her and was being investigated and on bail at the time for attacking her.

The city’s crown heard how the defendant has a history of violence against women with other victims including family members and girlfriends.

Bush had punched, kicked and stamped on his mother and may have used some kind of weapon – probably a mirror – to kill her as there was glass in her hair.

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After he brutally murdered her on the night of Wednesday, May 10, the defendant tried to dispose of evidence, clean up the scene and even dressed his mother.

She was dead for two days before her body was discovered at her home in Sandalwood Court.

During this time Bush carried on life as normal and CCTV footage captured him withdrawing money from the Co-operative Bank in Newport city centre and buying alcohol from a shop.

Ms Pitt, aged 44, died from “blunt force trauma” and her terrible injuries included 41 fractured ribs and a collapsed lung.

Christopher Rees, KC, prosecuting told Newport Crown Court she was the victim of a “frenzied” attack.

He said: “Kelly Pitt was 5ft 5in and weighed seven stone and five pounds at the time of her death.

“She was, the prosecution say, a 44-year-old, frail and vulnerable woman with alcohol issues.

“She would have been in no position to fight off the defendant who was 26 years of age, a fit young man and 6ft tall.”

Ms Pitt’s body was found on Friday, May 12 by her daughter Jordan’s partner Kieran Saunders

Mr Rees said: “He described walking into the flat which was unlocked and that was unusual.

“The scene looked like a bloodbath.

“There were no signs of life. Kelly Pitt black and blue.

“After the attack the defendant did not try and get any assistance for his mother.

“He did not call the emergency services, he did not call the police – he did nothing to save her life.

“Lewis Bush left his mother dead in her home and continued to lie about her condition until her body was discovered on the morning of May 12.

“His only concern was trying to cover his tracks by attempting to clean up the blood over the walls, to clean the bedding saturated by blood and dispose of the mirror.”

When he was arrested by the police on suspicion of her killing, he replied to officers: “Murder? Murder? You must be joking!

“What? My mum is dead? Serious?”

Mr Rees told the court: “Bush then placed his head between his legs and appeared tearful for short period.

“When he was at the back of the custody unit, he said, ‘I will kill myself. I will kill myself if I'm given the opportunity to do so. I didn't do it.’

“He said he and his mother were like best friends and he didn't know how his sister would be with the information of his mother's passing.”

Bush, of Moorland Park, Newport admitted murder 17 days before his trial was due to start after he initially denied the offence.

His barrister Caroline Rees KC said her client’s best mitigation was his guilty plea.

Judge Daniel Williams jailed Bush for life and told him he would serve a minimum term of 16 years before he is eligible for parole.