A PROMINENT Welsh politician says she “will not be bullied” into skipping public appearances after a visit to Cardiff University descended into chaos over her stance on a ceasefire in Gaza.

Talking to members of Cardiff University’s politics society yesterday, Monday, November 13, South Wales East MS Natasha Asghar fought to be heard as pro-Palestine protesters banged on the doors of the lecture theatre and chanted from the corridors outside.

Cardiff University has said it will review the night’s events in order to secure "free speech" on the campus.

A student at the back of the room stood up and asked: “What do you not understand? How many people have to die ‘naturally’?”

Ms Asghar, who voted against a Plaid Cymru motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, replied: “Why can you not aim for peace? A ceasefire will naturally occur.”

Footage shows the Senedd member saying: “Welsh politics has zero influence on international relations.”

The motion passed on Wednesday, November 8, with 24 votes for, 19 against and 13 abstentions. It means the Senedd has called on the international community to seek an immediate ceasefire in the conflict.

‘Vocal few’

Ms Asghar has said “a vocal few attempted to ruin the evening” of students who wanted to discuss politics.

“Whilst I accept people have the right to protest, the scenes which unfolded last night were totally unacceptable,” she said.

“Chanting all sorts of hateful messages including calling me a ‘murderer’, ramming doors to try to gain access to the room I was in, and pounding on the walls is absolutely uncalled for."

South Wales Argus: Ms Asghar said a ceasefire will 'naturally occur'

She added: “Despite repeated attempts to explain my point of view following last week’s vote, many of the protesters simply would not listen and engage which was deeply disappointing.

“I am not prepared to be bullied and intimidated into not attending important events like these, and I would like to say a huge thank you to the police and the university’s security team for keeping me safe.”

Cardiff University student 'Kavi' said the protesters were “rightfully furious” the politics society had invited Ms Asghar to an event because she had voted against the ceasefire motion.

The event was not ticketed until the protesters, who planned a mass walkout, tried to enter the event, they added.

“It was clear capacity wasn’t an issue as there were empty rows of seats," they said. "Students demanded an explanation as to why she voted against a ceasefire, which she failed to answer.

“Once she stopped responding to us, we walked out and joined the protest in the corridor.”

A Cardiff University spokesperson told the Argus: “We are aware of a protest at a Student Society event held last night (Monday, November 13). University security were in attendance. The event went ahead with minimal disruption.

South Wales Argus: Ms Asghar said Welsh politics has 'zero influence' on international relations

“However, we appreciate that a protest may have caused concern for some. In response, we will review the night’s events and adapt our procedures, if necessary.

“It is important to stress that universities are places where a range of ideas can be considered, examined and dissected both in academic programmes and in the wider university life.

“This means differing views can be brought forward and listened to. As a result, we will continue to take all reasonable steps to ensure that – within the law - freedom of speech is secured on our campus.”

South Wales Police has been approached for comment.