POPULAR fundraising platform JustGiving has named the people of Newport as the most generous donors in Wales.

More than 1 in 10 Newport residents have donated to a charitable cause on the website in 2023, enough to put the city top of the Welsh leaderboard and take 19th place across the UK.

Some 12 per cent of Newport residents have donated this year, more than the 11 per cent in Cardiff and 8 per cent in Swansea.

Bridgend and Powys round off the top five.

The mother of Chepstow teenager, Pride of Gwent award winner and Doctor Who super-fan Noah Herniman, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in 2021, used JustGiving to raise the £4,500 needed to get Noah a Dalek.

Last year, readers of the Argus and other Newsquest titles donated more than £20,000 on the platform as part of its #ThereWithUkraine campaign, boosted by a £10,000 Newsquest contribution to take the tally past £33,000.

JustGiving has already recorded more than 17 million donations globally in 2023 – up two million on the same period last year.

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Founded in 2000, the platform has now hosted more than £6 billion of charitable fundraising across the world.

President and general manager Pascale Harvie said she was “amazed” by the generosity on show.

“The generosity that people across Wales have shown amazes me, particularly at a time when so many people are struggling financially themselves.

“This year so far, we’ve seen over 17 million donations to over 20,000 charities across the world, which is a staggering two million donations more than last year over the same period.

“To every single person who has donated, on behalf of all of the charities who partner with us, thank you.”