A BARBER has decided to go-it-alone by opening up his own shop in Stow Hill with the aim of cutting prices - as well as hair.

Mansour Borzoie, 27, from Pill, opened Mansour Barbers on Risca Road around three weeks ago after working in barbershops around Newport for the past eight years.

“It’s been difficult. Lots of people said it’s not a good time to open a business but I said I’m going to do it,” said Mr Borzoie, who employs one other person at the shop.

“We are getting busier every day. At the moment, we are still a bit quiet but I think it will be busier after Christmas.”

South Wales Argus: Mansour Barbers on Risca Road

Mansour Barbers is offering 30 per cent off haircuts for students, retirees and people with disabilities – something the owner says reflects his intention to help the community.

“We give the best service and it’s cheap,” he said. “It’s not about money. I just want to help people here.”

He believes that, owing to his willingness to provide discounts, he offers cheaper haircuts than any other barbershop in Newport.

“Everyone is having problems with their money and we all need to look after each other,” he said.

“Everyone helped me with the barbershop – the people from my church, neighbours, and some customers being happy to pay extra because I am new. One customer let me use a skip for my rubbish.

“I’m young and I want a new challenge. I want to see myself in this position and it’s good to show people you don’t need too much money – just take a bit of risk!”