If we look hard enough, we can learn some valuable lessons.

It is funny how so often we think nothing has changed but then something happens that makes you realise just how far we have come.

Recently, on a visit to Waunfawr Primary School in Crosskeys, students took guests on a time travel journey, as they acted-out scenes from the 1960s to the present day as part of a living museum to celebrate their 125th anniversary.

With students as our guides, we were introduced to the colourful 60s when we walked on the moon, to the 70s when information could take days, maybe weeks, to travel around the world. We went back to the Top of the Pops of the 80s when more and more women entered the workplace before arriving at the 90s when technology like the Gameboy and VHS reigned supreme.

Finally, we ended up in the present day, where social media has completely changed the way we communicate with each other.

Social media when used correctly can be a powerful tool.

It is a shame that so many people see it to abuse others simply because they have differing views.

Despite the doom and gloom peddled in the media that our best days are in the past, the pupils were optimistic and full of hope for the future.

This was also the message from students at Coleg Gwent on a visit to their politics society.

If there was one lesson to take away from the students, it is this: politics is not a spectator sport to cheer on your favourite team but something to get involved in, for the greatest power anyone has is the vote and things will only change by the ballot box.

Many people are frustrated how distant and unrelated politics can seem to their everyday lives, almost like it happens on the other side of the television. However, the simple act of writing to your MP or casting a vote can change so many things.

While we cannot change our past, nor should we be defined by it.

There is no way of turning the clock back, as much as some people try.

The future will be written by the young people of Waunfawr Primary School and Coleg Gwent.

I think we are in good hands.