A FATHER and son have spent almost a year in temporary housing due to problems with their housing association property.

Dean Shave, 37, and his dad Nigel, 59, were moved into temporary accommodation in January this year due to problems with mould and damp issues with the home in Stow Hill they rent from Pobl Housing.

Dean says when they were first moved they were told they would be back in the house he grew up in by that May - but they're still waiting.

The pair said they'd faced a series of problems with mould and damp.

“In 2021, we had water literally gushing in like a waterfall into our flat and into my dad’s room,” said Dean.

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A spokesperson for Pobl Group said: “Mr Shave has previously raised his concerns relating to his home with us that were thoroughly investigated, and we identified several areas where we had opportunities to do better.

“We have apologised previously and reached agreement over the issues”.

But Nigel and Dean say Pobl housing association has not offered an apology.

“[Pobl have] patched jobs up, patched inside up time and time again," said Dean. "They’ve repainted it all but all the problems have started to come back."

He continued: “We live near the [Royal Gwent] hospital right now and my dad works next door to this flat.

South Wales Argus: Internal mould issues

"Now he has to walk from there with one of the steepest hills in the area. My dad’s unwell and has a catheter because of an old accident”.

Nigel and Dean shared a number of photos with the Argus, including the below, which was taken on Sunday, January 8, four days after they were moved into temporary accommodation.

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South Wales Argus:

South Wales Argus:

Responding, a Pobl spokesperson said: “Having identified the extent of work required at the property a full programme of internal and external repairs was agreed with Mr Shave.

“When it became clear that we would need to provide alternative accommodation for the work to be carried out safely, our housing team worked closely with him, as they continue to, identifying a number of suitable properties over a period of months which were declined on the basis of location, before Mr Shave accepted his current accommodation which is half a mile away from Stow Hill."

They added: “The scheduled programme of work is progressing, and we expect Mr Shave to be able to move home early in the new year”.