TWO Cwmbran primary schools that joined together have been awarded for their community work.

Blenheim Road and Coed Eva Community Primary Schools are a single Federation school with the same vision, values and board of governors.

And now they’ve been given a ‘Heart of the Community’ award from the Foundation of Community Engagement.

Both sites have a room where the federation’s school and community team work with and support parents and members of the community.

Sue Davies, from the Foundation of Community Engagement, said: "This wonderful school here has got community engagement at its heart, it's part of its DNA. You cut it in half and it's stamped all the way through it."

Paul Keane, executive headteacher of the Federation, said: "Every family and every person within our schools puts our children first and then community first on top of that.

"It comes with a lot of dedication, passion, commitment, and professionalism, but above all, ambition and aspiration that we have for this part of Wales, this patch that we are privileged to represent.

"That's the massive motivator for us every single day that we come into our school, all through the holidays, all of the time, we will thinking about these children and our community."