CHRISTMAS adverts have become big business in recent years, with some of the UK's top brands competing to outdo each other year after year.

But it's not just John Lewis, M&S and Sainsbury's on your screens this year - a Bishton-based farm and shop has got in on the action with an advert of its own.

Castle Farm in Bishton on the outskirts of Newport have released their own Christmas advert.

The advert features the animals of the farm, and a cast of little ones, aiming to give the big names a run for their money.

Filmed by Bishton-based videographer Rhys Davies, the project was far from his usual line of work. His company, Fleur de Lys Films, specialises in filming weddings and capturing, in his words, “the big milestones”.

Watch Castle Farm Shop's Christmas 2023 advert here:

Mr Davies said: “It was a passion project of mine, I shop there [at Castle Farm] quite often and live in the village so it’s my local”.

South Wales Argus:

Every Christmas advert needs an appropriate musical accompaniment, and for this Mr Davies was joined by Anna Davies, another Bishton native, who is the lead singer of band Cue Notes.

Ms Davies is no stranger to singing on adverts and jingles, releasing her lockdown song titled Find the Smile back in 2020.

Asked what her inspiration was for the music for the advert, Ms Davies said she wanted to get in the mind of the farmers, asking them to “describe their typical day, which happened to turn into the song lyrics in the ad”.

The advert begins with a rooster calling out the signature ‘cock-a-doodle doo’ before a surprisingly young-looking farmer steps outside of their home with a much-needed cuppa and a big yawn.

The actors in the video perform a series of farming tasks like quality checking the eggs, milking the cows, feeding them hay, driving a tractor, and pushing pallets of eggs.

There’s even a surprise customer red and jolly customer at the Castle Farm shop, who is also shopping locally to get his essentials.