WELSH lawmakers have pushed the UK Government to make a decision the pending takeover of Newport Wafer Fab - or risk clouding the site's future with more uncertainty.

American manufacturing giants Vishay Intertechnology announced an agreement to acquire the semiconductor plant in Duffryn on Wednesday, November 8.

The site has been dogged by a period of uncertainty following the UK Government's divestment order in November 2022 and Nexperia's proposals to reduce the number of employees by at least 100.

Nexperia's country manager Toni Versluijs said the agreement represented the "most viable" option for the site's future.

This week, Jayne Bryant, MS for Newport West, hosted a meeting with Wafer Fab staff representatives at the Senedd, who told economy minister Vaughan Gething the UK Government must move swiftly to secure the site's future.

She said: “The Staff Association have been incredible throughout this time. Their message is clear: all efforts must be made to put an end to this precarious period and safeguard the jobs at this world class faculty.”

South Wales Argus: Jayne Bryant MS hosted the meeting between staff reps and economy minister Vaughan Gething

After the meeting, Peredur Owen Griffiths and Delyth Jewell, both Plaid Cymru Senedd members for South Wales East, wrote to deputy prime minister Oliver Dowden to ask that the vetting process took place with the “utmost urgency”.

They said: “You will recall the site faced an uncertain future after your government objected to the takeover by Nexperia due to its links to China.

“Unfortunately, people were subsequently made redundant at this key employer for the area and key component of the hi-tech industry in the UK.

“Fortunately, there has since been some positive news with the interest from the American company Vishay Intertechnology in acquiring the site.

South Wales Argus: Peredur Owen Griffiths and Delyth Jewell have asked the deputy prime minister to handle the

“They have signalled their intent to not only protect the existing well-paid jobs but also significantly expand the manufacturing capacity with up to 2,000 staff. This would amount to a quadrupling of the current workforce.

“This expansion would lead to many more jobs created in the vast supply chain linked with this strategic plant. In all, Vishay have estimated their intended investment in the Newport site to be around $1.2 billion.”

Mr Griffiths and Ms Jewell suggested the American company have set a deadline for the takeover to be approved and will “turn their attention to other sites” if it is not met.