A NIGHTCLUB owner is expanding his venue in the centre of Newport, with a new room opening inside the venue tomorrow evening, Saturday, December 2.

Vibez Superclub is set to add a new basement room that specialises in House, Techno, Dance and Garage music. The venue is also adding a pop and disco room.

Jack Bannister, Owner of Vibez told the Argus that the new rooms will add to the success of his business after it opened in October last year.

He said: “In an exciting move to further elevate Newport’s nightlife, we want to introduce the basement which is a new room for diversity in music tastes.

“This new unique addition promises to deliver an alternative experience, catering to the varied musical preferences of our community.

“We are also opening a cheesy pop and disco room upstairs which will be a sing-along sensation where people can belt out those guilty pleasures tunes surrounded by a lively and vibrant atmosphere.”

The club had its licence reviewed in September after concerns for public safety, after positive talks were held it was agreed that Mr Bannister could keep the club's licence.

In response to the news, the venue spent £10,000 on enhanced security such as upgrades to the CCTV system, a knife arch to detect concealed weapons and employment of a CCTV operative to watch live CCTV cameras.

Mr Bannister believes that the new additions to the club will attract a more diverse crowd.

He added: “The review application at Vibez came as an unexpected shock, but we worked diligently with the police and the licensing authority to reach an agreement allowing the venue to move forward Rather than dwell on the allegations we worked proactively to secure the club’s future.

“This allows us to get back to doing what we do best - being Newport’s number 1 nightclub and the new rooms will be an addition to that.

“I feel great about expanding Vibez and adding more variety which will cater to a wider range audience, and it is going to be a class opening.”