IF YOU have been driving down Usk Way today, you may have seen the ‘smoke’ coming from the University of South Wales campus building on Usk Way.

Pedestrians have tried to keep away by crossing the road, with one calling it “smoky”. Drivers have been seen swerving or changing lanes to avoid the ‘smoke’.

South Wales Argus:

We spoke to the university to see what it is and whether it is a cause for concern.

A spokesperson said: “There has been no smoke alarm activations at our Newport campus.

"What pedestrians and motorists would have witnessed was the condensate from the heating system of our campus building, due to the cold external temperatures”.

South Wales Argus:

South Wales Argus:

This has been confirmed by the security team who said: “It’s from the heaters”.

According to the Met Office, the weather has dropped as low as minus two degrees in Newport today, Friday, so condensation from large buildings in the city may appear as smoke and is to be expected.

Cars and lorries should not try to sidestep the condensation as this could become dangerous on the carriageway for other drivers.