LUNCHTIME shoppers were greeted by a pair of closed doors in Newport today while supermarket staff cleaned up after a messy customer.

Tesco staff temporarily closed the store on Cambrian Road, Newport, while they cleaned up smashed glass, spilled alcohol and a trail of popcorn kernels that led to the door.

A Tesco spokesperson has apologised to customers for the inconvenience.

The store was closed for around half an hour.

South Wales Argus: Shop staff cleaned up glass, popcorn and alcohol from the floor

The Express store, which is always busy when it is open with close proximity to the railway station and city centre, has a storied history of unexpected closures in recent years.

Last October, the store closed for “remedial works”. This September, it closed for repairs due to water damage, and again on October 11.

The shutters lifted on October 25, albeit with the bakery out of action.

Tesco employees have been offered the chance to wear body cameras at work after an “unacceptable” rise in physical assaults.

Over the last four years, Tesco has invested £44 million in security measures such as door access systems, protection screens and digital radios – technology the staff at Cambrian Road use every day.

Chief executive Ken Murphy has urged judges to make use of recent changes which meant offenders should get longer sentences for attacking shop workers.

A spokesperson for Gwent Police said: “We received a report of criminal damage in a commercial property in Cambrian Road, Newport, at around 11am on Monday 4 December.

“Officers attended and no arrests were made.”