LOGAN Lewis has been named as the winner of the Pride of Gwent Unpaid Carer Award.

Just six years of age, Logan, from Oakdale in Caerphilly, has shown a lifetime of unconditional love to his big sister Eden who endures an everyday battle against terminal cancer.

He helps his mum and dad with tasks to make sure Eden, 17, has everything she needs – from sorting drinks at mealtime to drawing pictures of things that make her happy.

Eden won the Pride of Gwent Courage Award last year, which means there will be two Pride of Gwent winners in the family when Logan accepts his award at the December 7 ceremony, sponsored by ND Care & Support.

South Wales Argus: Pride of Gwent Awards 2023

“When we manage to go to places, Logan will hold Eden’s hand while she’s on her wheelchair and ask people to politely let them through crowded areas,” said mum Tess Lewis.

“He also reaches for stuff Eden wants to look at and help her pay at the shops.

“When he gets up in the morning, the first thing he’ll do is check on his big sister to make sure that she’s happy.

“As soon as he gets in from school, he asks about Eden and sees if there’s anything Eden needs or wants.

“He’s always ready to give her a hug and make sure she’s happy before anything else.

“There are no expectations on Logan to be a young care at all,” said Ms Lewis. “He does this through choice – and still tries his hardest at school.

“He’s seen things that no child should see, watching his sister battle cancer, but he’s always been the first one to make Eden feel better and smile through her tears.”

South Wales Argus:

Ms Lewis also spent time as a young carer with her brother and sister at a time when young carers were seen as "just the same as every other child".

"There was no support or recognition back in the 90s. So as well as being proud of Logan, we're also proud of the fact that today young carers are becoming recognised and rewarded for their contributions towards their family lives," she said.

“There's still a lot of work to be done to make society in general acknowledge young carers, but we're getting there, and Logan's award is another step towards the recognition of young carers across Gwent, the rest of Wales and the UK.”

The Pride of Gwent winners’ ceremony takes place at Rodney Parade, Thursday, December 7.