DANIELLE Webb has won the Pride of Gwent Diversity in the Community Award.

Ms Webb, 24, is a youth worker for Newport performance arts group Urban Circle and boundary-breaking campaigner for dwarfism awareness.

After growing up in Porthishead near Bristol, Ms Webb graduated from University of South Wales in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Community and Youth Work and completed a Master's degree last year.

No longer shying away from her condition, Ms Webb is vice chairperson of dwarfism charity Little People UK, serving on a committee with president, Star Wars actor Warwick Davies.

South Wales Argus: Pride of Gwent Awards 2023

This October, she hosted an enlightening Senedd event to mark the first official Dwarfism Awareness Day in Wales, where she paid tribute to the people in her circles - Maindee Primary, Urban Circle, Newport, and now across Wales - who have helped to "fly the flag".

She reminded her audience that 80 per cent of people with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, are born to average-height parents.

“This could become your world at any time. It became my mum’s when she had me,” she said.

She spoke of her experiences in Newport from the perspective of dwarfism, admitting: “It’s scary going to new places. I have to think about whether I can reach the door handle.

“We can plan and we can cope, but so much of that has come from being knocked down and learning how to get back up again.”

One person in that crowd, a headteacher from Nottingham, travelled to Cardiff Bay to ask for a signed copy of Ms Webb’s book – Mummy, There’s a New Girl – to take back to her school.

South Wales Argus:

Ms Webb said she was at the Pride of Gwent winners’ ceremony, sponsored by ND Care & Support, as a “positive representation for dwarfism”.

“Some of these people may have never met someone who has dwarfism before, especially the kids,” she said.

“By knowing me, people get to know dwarfism. By building relationships here, it ultimately makes it safer out there.

“This could be the next audience for Dwarfism Awareness Day.”

Asked by guest host Angela Jay whether there were any new books on the horizon, the multi-disciplined Danielle gave a succinct yet intriguing reply: “Maybe.”