With the countdown to Christmas truly on, these 12 knitted post boxes are spreading festive cheer across the UK.

While many of us get into the spirit by sending holiday cards or carol-singing, post-box toppers have become beloved staples of towns and villages up and down the country in recent years.

The heartwarming tradition continues with these pictures which have been snapped of the handmade post box toppers from South Wales to Scotland.

Each topper gives our everyday red post boxes a festive upgrade with a delightful winter scene.

South Wales Argus: Which post box topper is your favourite? ( SWNS)Which post box topper is your favourite? ( SWNS) (Image: SWNS)

One photo, taken in Rhyl, North Wales, shows a gaggle of ‘six geese laying’ in one of many odes to the classic ‘Twelve Days of Christmas.’

Another shows a knitted scene from the 1978 Snowman picture book – featuring the titular character enjoying a snowy scene with a crocheted child in Whitchurch, near Bristol.

The toppers feature a number of classic Christmas tales – including an elaborate Aslan, wardrobe and White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia, in Malvern, Worcs.

In Downend, Bristol, one keen crocheter has even created ‘A Christmouse Carol’ – a collection of seven mice versions of characters from the classic Dickens tale.

The talented crafter has even included a laminated excerpt from the book – wishing passers by a Merry Christmas and encouraging the festive spirit.

South Wales Argus: The Christmas post box toppers feature a range of wintery scenes. ( SWNS)The Christmas post box toppers feature a range of wintery scenes. ( SWNS) (Image: SWNS)

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

The news comes as a recent poll of 2000 people named the top 10 festive traditions in danger of dying out.

Putting pennies in a Christmas pudding, carol singing and sending Christmas cards were all named among the traditions in decline.

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