Wales Millennium Centre

Disney's "Aladdin" brings a stunning visual spectacle to the Wales Millennium Centre, with sets which transport the audience to the vibrant streets of Agrabah and beyond.

The show is a theatrical feast for the eyes that seamlessly combines with and enhances the signing, acting, and dancing of this much-loved classic.

The production's ensemble cast shines, with big set pieces that are both lively and require precise choreography. Coupled with the vibrant costumes, the audience is treated to wave after wave of musical number, transforming the stage into a dynamic canvas of energy and festive enchantment. This, of course, from Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Tim Rice.

Adam Strong, portraying the villainous Jafar, alongside sidekick Iago, threatens to steal the first half of the show with his commanding presence and sinister charm.

However, the true scene-stealer emerges just before the intermission with the introduction of the Genie, played by the exuberant Yeukayi Ushe. His larger-than-life portrayal injects a sensational burst of showmanship, with a high energy near-ten-minute medley leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the second act.

The much-anticipated magic carpet ride lives up to its promise. As Aladdin (Gavin Adams) and Jasmine (Desmonda Cathabel) soar through the starlit sky, singing audience-favourite "A Whole New World", the technological and artistic combination weaves a magical experience that resonates with the wonder of Disney storytelling.

Following thrilling battles between Aladdin, his friends, and the palace guards, Jafar almost wins the day. However, it is Aladdin's cunning, as well as his honesty, which defeats Jafar, wins Jasmine and, ultimately, leads to a joyous and satisfying conclusion which means that the audience can go home happy.

The two-and-a-half-hour show might mean a late night for some of the younger members of the audience, but "Aladdin" at the Wales Millennium Centre delivers on its promise with incredible sets, dynamic ensemble displays, and stand out individual performances.

Until January 14.

Llywelyn as Gwilym