The buzz of Christmas is here which means that the rush for last-minute presents and stocking fillers is well and truly on. 

With the cost of living crisis continuing to cause a strain on households across the country, many Brits are looking for creative ways to cut the costs of Christmas - without losing the magic.

One money-savvy student is doing just this by sharing 9 budget stocking filler ideas from £1.

The stocking fillers can be found at some of the UK's biggest retailers from Primark, Home Bargains and more with the items ranging from a YSL perfume dupe to 50p cosy winter gloves.

Mia Munro, a 21 year-old student from Leeds, has explained the presents she’s buying this year in an effort to keep costs down.

Speaking with money-saving community she said: "In my family, we normally just get each other a few stocking filler type presents so we don’t all end up spending a fortune on gifts.

"There’s loads of options in the shops at the moment for under a fiver”.

Cheap stocking fillers from Primark, Home Bargains and more

2 pack gloves from Primark

“Not the most exciting present idea out there, but with the cold weather I picked up this two pack of gloves from Primark," Mia commented.

She added: "They feel really soft and for just 50p a pair I thought you can’t go wrong. If you’re being super strict with your budget, you could split the pack and gift them to two different people, making them even better value."

Monogram Makeup Bag from Primark

Mia spotted these makeup bags in Primark and thought they’d be a great gift for a beauty lover.

The savvy shopper explained: "They’re monogrammed as well, so feel a bit more personal, and the quilted design makes them look more expensive than £6".

Chocolate Elf On The Shelf from Poundland

“You can’t beat chocolate at Christmas, and the Chocolate Elf on the Shelf from Poundland would be a great addition to a kids stocking," Mia said.

She advised: "Just make sure you don’t pick up a broken one. The ones in my store were a bit battered!"

Cotton-scented candle from Primark

“This Cotton Scented Candle is such a good price at Primark," the money-savvy student noted.

"Less than £2 and it even comes with a lid to keep the dust away from the wax.

"I picked the cotton scent to gift as it’s pretty much guaranteed that anyone would like the smell".

Galaxy Selection Box from Home Bargains

“If you’re looking for a selection box, I found this Galaxy one down to £1.49 at Home Bargains," according to Mia.

The savvy student continued: "Poundland has the same one for £3.50, so definitely worth popping into Home Bargains for it.

"You get an Aero Mint, Aero Chocolate, Fruit Pastilles, KitKat, KitKat Chunky and Yorkie Bar".

X-treme Super Car from Poundland

“For toys, Poundland has some great options around the £1 mark," Mia shared.

The shopper went on to say: "I bought a couple of the X-Treme Super Cars for my nephews.

"They’re a good size and come in different colours, so you can get their favourite. Pretty good for £1 each".

Dark Aura Perfume from Poundland

Mia also recommends the Dark Aura Perfume at Poundland, describing it as a "great dupe for YSL Black Opium."

She added: "The YSL fragrance costs around £92, and Poundland’s is just £1 a bottle.

"The scent of the Poundland one might not last as long, but for a £91 price difference I think it’s definitely worth it.

"If you’ve got a strict budget for secret santa or family gifts, it’s worth checking out the Poundland beauty section".

Diamante underwear set from Primark

“If you know someone who’s a Kim Kardashian fan, Primark always has underwear sets that are fantastic Skims dupes," according to Mia.

The shopper continued: "I spotted this festive diamante thong and bralette set for just £6.

"It’s similar to the Skims Swarovski collection. The Skims Bralette alone is £48, so Primark’s is much better value, and there are loads of colours and styles to choose from".

Festive dog bone soft toy from Poundland

“Even when we’re not spending much, my family always treat our dog to something, and this year it’s the Festive Bone Soft Toy from Primark," the savvy customer commented.

"It’s only £1, but it’s always fun giving him something on the day whilst we’re all opening out presents!"

Finishing her stocking filler shopping list, Mia concluded: “You really don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to get friends and family Christmas presents they’ll actually like.

"I’d be happy with any of these items - except the toy car! - and they’re all under £6, so won’t break the bank”.

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Tom Church, Co-founder of money saving community, added: "Mia has shown that you can find gifts for the whole family on a budget, and you don’t need to compromise on quality.

"All Mia’s items are own-brand products, so you’ll always pay less for them. If you’re planning on gifting anything branded, you should always compare prices online before purchasing.

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