A TEMPORARY 50mph speed limit is being put in place at an accident blackspot in Monmouthshire where a cyclist was killed in 2022.

The Welsh Government is completing a safety study into the A40 at Raglan following a spate of near misses and serious incidents - includes a fatal collision involving a cyclist in June 2022.

Residents have long voiced concerns about the Dingestow junction, between Monmouth Road and Groesenon Road, as well as the pedestrian crossing for Raglan Castle.

Monmouthshire County Council proposed to introduce a no-right-turn order from Monmouth Road but the plans were put on hold.

This September, the Welsh Government introduced a temporary 50mph limit between the Raglan and Hardwick roundabouts due to a defective safety barrier - a move which Conservative Mr Davies described as part of a "war on motorists by stealth".

The MP has shared an update from Welsh climate change minister Julie James, who is responsible for road safety, revealing the road safety study is set to finish in spring 2024.

“The safety study for the A40/Monmouth Road junction is nearing completion and will be reviewed by officials and finalised by the end of the financial year,” said Ms James.

“We are also implementing a temporary 50mph speed limit between the A449 and the A40 Raglan Roundabout. Once the safety study is complete, we will discuss with the local authority, as well as engaging with local residents and key stakeholders.”

Mr Davies said the 50mph limit between the A449 and Raglan roundabout was a “welcome step forward” that should have been introduced sooner.

“Nevertheless, I await the outcome of the safety review with interest to see what recommendations there are to remove the dangers associated with this stretch of road,” he said.