A WILDLIFE charity has announced a substantial grant in support of its continued work on maintaining the health of the River Wye. 

A grant of £115,000 over the next three years from the John Ellerman Foundation will support the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust's (RWT) trust’s ‘Wye now?’ programme. The money will provide the RWT with a vital resource to help develop its campaign and advocacy work on healthy, clean, sustainable rivers.

The trust says this critical funding will empower it to embark on a transformative journey to enhance the health and resilience of the Wye, positively impacting both the local ecosystem and local communities.

“With this three-year-long grant from the John Ellerman Foundation we can drive meaningful policy changes, better protecting our rivers and wildlife, and confront the urgent challenges of climate change head-on,” said James Hitchcock, chief executive of the RWT.

“We are excited to collaborate closely with Wildlife Trust Wales and build on our work with our other projects, such as the ‘Wilder Lugg’, to ensure the success of the ‘Wye now?’ movement and make a lasting impact on the health of the River Wye.”

Scheduled to commence in the spring of 2024, the ‘Wye now?’ movement is aimed at bringing about essential improvements for the River Wye with a focus on nature and community well-being.

The generous grant from the John Ellerman Foundation will play a pivotal role in facilitating policy changes in Wales that advocate for the protection of rivers and wildlife, all while addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Recognising the crucial role that healthy rivers play in sustaining rural economies, the RWT says its primary objective is to utilise this grant to spearhead campaigns that raise awareness about the invaluable benefits of natural flood defences.

Collaborating closely with Wildlife Trust Wales and neighbouring trusts, it aims to amplify its impact, sharing delivery work and championing those who are already undertaking positive actions to build a movement to achieve the best possible outcomes for the Wye and its surrounding areas.

The trust says the ‘Wye now?’ movement aligns seamlessly with the mission of the John Ellerman Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting projects that foster positive social change and contribute to the well-being of communities and the environment.