A NEWPORT family have paid tribute to a mystery shopper who saved their Christmas by handing in a gift they left behind.

Completing their festive errands last Friday, December 22, Sophie Shuttleworth just bought her four-year-old nephew’s main present from Smyths Toys in Maesglas.

They brought the gift – a Playmobil police set worth £70 – to the car park. Sophie’s dad, Stephen Shuttleworth, helped her into the car and drove off without the gift.

South Wales Argus:

It took another six hours of Christmas food shopping and other preparations before the pair realised what had happened.

“Smyth’s was the first shop we went in. We click-and-collected and then went food shopping, and to finish our other shopping,” Ms Shuttleworth said.


“Dad loaded me in my wheelchair, into the back of the car and drove off.

“We didn’t realise until we got home after six hours.”

South Wales Argus:

Returning to Smyths, they were shocked to find that a mysterious “kind lady” had handed it in.

Ms Shuttleworth posted to Facebook: “Faith in humanity restored! Dad and I would like to thank the lovely lady with her two children who handed in a present we had just bought in Smyths Toys Maesglas earlier today!

“Dad had placed it down to assist me into the car and then in the mad Christmas dash… drove off!

“Never in a million years did we think anyone would hand it in and this kind lady did! Thank you so much to that lady, she’s proven good people still exist and we are so grateful! We hope her and her family have a fantastic Christmas!”

Mr Shuttleworth added: "A massive thank you! What she did helps us to keep our faith in humanity, and we hope she had a brilliant Christmas!"