THE winter months can be a difficult time to maintain your running goals and training despite all the good intentions of healthy habits and staying fit made during the New Year resolutions. 

It can be easy to feel demotivated to lace up your running shoes and get moving when it’s cold and dark outside. But don’t let the January blues hinder your training.

Run 4 Wales Race Director, Steve Brace, is a double Olympian and shares his top tips to keep on track:

Run together. Running with others makes it more social, and if you've made plans with someone, you are less likely to cancel and let them down. 

Layer up. Getting out the door can be the hardest part when it’s cold, including gloves, a buff and hi-viz and headtorch if its dark. 

Me time. Going for a run is the perfect chance for a bit of me-time, where you’re not only looking after your physical and mental wellbeing but allowing yourself to switch off.

After-run treat. Why not give yourself something to look forward to when you get back in from your run? It could be your favourite meal, a nice warm bath or a hot beverage and a piece of cake (or my personal favourite, some custard creams)!

Set a target. If you haven’t done so already, a great way to stay motivated and keep you on track with your training is by entering a race. Having a date set in the diary will give you something to aim for. 

Don’t shy away. The colder months are a great time for putting in the hard miles, so you have a good base for when race season begins.

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