With a fresh year seeing many consider travel plans for the year ahead, Airbnb has revealed the most affordable months to book and tips on planning a cheaper stay in 2024. 

January is the hangover month, a month where people get pretty down following the Christmas period and so throw themselves into new hobbies to escape.

Some run, some abstain and some think about escaping properly, abroad.

But what month is the best and cheapest month to book a holiday? Well, Airbnb has revealed some interesting research.

Here are the key highlights:

  • March is the best month to book an Airbnb as prices are predicted to be lower
  • For those who want to wait until later in the year to book,  September and early October are also set to see a wide range of options at affordable prices
  • The cheapest time for an Airbnb stay in the UK is between mid-January & early February - showing it worthwhile getting annual leave booked for earlier in the year 
  • Budget-friendly stays are rising in popularity - in the first half of last year alone Airbnb witnessed an 18% rise in Brits booking stays for less than £100 a night

Airbnb advice for travellers looking for cheap deals

Trying out the “new” category 

A great way to find affordable listings on the platform and save money this year is to try out the "New" category that showcases homes added to Airbnb within the past 10 weeks.

When joining Airbnb, hosts often set an attractive price to highlight their newly listed homes so you can find some real bargains.

Paying attention to special offers 

Hosts can proactively offer discounts to guests based on when they choose to book. Some Hosts may offer lower prices to guests who book at the last minute or further in advance.

Almost 6% of UK Hosts have an evergreen last-minute discount on stays, with nearly 4% offering a discount for people booking well before the stay.

With hosts offering discounted rates, it's never too late to plan a budget-friendly getaway and never too early to plan for a trip later this year!

Opting for a private room

A private room is a great way to find affordable and authentic stays. With nights stayed in a private room on Airbnb in the UK increasing by nearly 70 per cent in 2022, choosing this type of listing means guests can benefit from the advice of Hosts, who will be happy to share their recommendations for places to see, eat and experience, so you can get to know the destination like a local.

Amanda Cupples, General Manager for the UK and Northern Europe at Airbnb, shared her insights: “As we welcome in 2024, it’s great to see Hosts continuing to offer affordable stays on Airbnb.

"Whether you're planning a trip within the UK or an international journey, a stay on Airbnb offers exceptional value and a unique experience for your next getaway.”

For guests who are yet to finalise 2024 travel plans and need help finding the cream of the crop, Airbnb has launched Guest Favourites, a collection of the 2 million most-loved homes on Airbnb based on ratings, reviews, and reliability.

Head to Airbnb to explore the Guest Favourites filter further when planning your next trip.