VIDEO footage shows a huge cannabis farm being dismantled in Newport.

Police officers were busy as they seized more than 400 cannabis plants from a property on Manley Road on Friday, January 12.

The video shows officers enter a property before standing next to dozens of mature cannabis plants.

Cannabis plants are crammed into rooms with heat lights on them.

Police officers are seen cutting the plants at the stems before disposing of them and the equipment used to run the factory.

South Wales Argus: Police uncover mature cannabis plantsPolice uncover mature cannabis plants (Image: Gwent Police)

South Wales Argus: Over 400 cannabis plants were discoveredOver 400 cannabis plants were discovered (Image: Gwent Police)

South Wales Argus: Police went in and destroyed themPolice went in and destroyed them (Image: Gwent Police)

Watch the video in the post below as Gwent Police dismantle massive Newport cannabis factory

This is just the latest in a series of drug busts in the city centre.

Last week, illegal immigrants Adrian Daja, 27, and Andi Shabani, 28, were in court after being caught looking after the enormous crop inside where Wildings had once stood for 145 years in Newport.

The former city centre department store was transformed into a £2.1 million cannabis factory with 3,000 plants.

Byron Broadstock, prosecuting, said the building on Commercial Street was raided by Gwent Police on October 10 last year.

The defendants, who followed proceedings with the help of an Albanian interpreter, claimed they had been put to work there to pay off the cost of their passage to the UK.

The defendants, both of no fixed abode, admitted the production of cannabis.

South Wales Argus: Adrian Daja and Andi Shabani and the £2.1 million cannabis factory with 3,000 plants in Newport city centreAdrian Daja and Andi Shabani and the £2.1 million cannabis factory with 3,000 plants in Newport city centre (Image: Gwent Police & CPS Wales)

Enquiries into the Manley Road bust are ongoing and anyone with information can call 101 or DM us quoting log reference number 2400013110.