ELECTRIC vehicle charging points are to be installed at one of Wales’ most historic sites.

Approval has been given for two 22 kilowatt charging points to be installed in the car park at the nearly 900-year-old Tintern Abbey.

It was founded in 1131 by Cistercian monks and the roofless stone church that is still standing today, and considered a masterpieces of British Gothic architecture, dates back to 1269.

Monmouthshire County Council”s planning department has given permission to Welsh historic buildings body Cadw to install the charging points which will be available to visitors and also used to power its own fleet it has changed to  all electric vehicles.

An existing disabled parking bay will be relocted, closer to the visitor entrance to the abbey and alongside two current disabled spaces, to make way for the charging points in part of the car park which currently has space for four vehicles.

The planning department has said there will be no net loss of parking spaces and Cadw has stated it has scheduled monument consent for the work.

The council has also given the body permission to extend the existing bottom car park at Raglan Castle, which dates from the 15th century, to create space for an electric vehicle charging point.