Winter has most definitely arrived, turning up in many guises - freezing temperatures, snow, ice, days of rain -  each day is different, united only by the fact that it’s pretty unpleasant. Arriving with the winter weather is the threat to our health, especially when the temperatures plummet. Cold weather is a real threat to the elderly and more vulnerable members of our community.

At TPG DisableAids they can offer excellent advice and a range of products to help you through the coming months. The ethos underpinning the work TPG do is to support independent living for as long as is possible. When it comes to keeping warm a popular choice, and one which is recommended by TPG,  is the B-Warm heated seat cover, which when paired with a rise and recline chair, offers both warmth and comfort.

TPG’s head of sales, Jayme Bacon, said: “The beauty of a B-Warm is that they keep the person warm, but don’t heat up the whole room, so are cost effective if you are looking to save on the heating.

“Used in conjunction with Rise and Recline chair, then you get warmth and comfort as well as peace of mind knowing that the rise function of the chair will aid with your mobility.”

South Wales Argus:

Founded in 1985 by Tony and Pam Gibbs, TPG DisableAids is now run by their children, managing director Alastair Gibbs and financial director Mandy Harrold. As an ongoing family business, their vision is to keep people as independent as possible in their own homes.

Working with a South Wales-based Primacare Chairs, TPG DisableAids are able provide both home comfort and specialist comfort products. They have a range of express delivery and fully bespoke options, so customers can choose products that are ready to be delivered quickly, or products that are made to their specific needs.

This means that customers can get the right products that meet their requirements and preferences.

As Jayme has outlined, being comfortable in your own home is an important factor and as well keeping warm. With less daylight now that the nights have drawn in, and people being cautious regarding using electricity, keeping the likes of stairways, halls etc clear of obstacles, as well as ensuring there are no trip hazards, such as rugs and loose carpets, to prevent unnecessary accidents, is of vital importance.

Simple things, such as ensuring slippers provide warmth as well as a good fit and have a sole which prevent slipping, will help keep you safe.

TPG DisableAids also stock hi tech gadgets, such as the SureSafeGo personal alarms, which are worn like a wristwatch or there’s a pendent version which is worn around the neck. There are a variety of personal alarms, and you can find the one which best suits your lifestyle by talking to the team at TPG DisableAids.

For any advice on products which help you keep warm, comfortable, and safe, call in and see Jayme and the team TPG DisableAids.

Giving people the freedom to live safe and independent lives in their own homes is what this family-run firm is all about, and those who have had a longstanding relationship with the company will testify that the firm’s motto of ‘Let our family help your family’ is no idle pledge, but the foundations on which TPG have built their reputation.

To find out more visit or call 01432 607 366