THE NATIONAL Grid has warned customers in the Rogerstone area of Newport about a planned outage this Monday, January 29.

The outage is booked for 2pm until 2.10pm but usually takes just a few minutes, the regional distributor for South Wales has said.

A spokesperson described the outage as a “routine inspection” that takes place once every 12 years.

It is designed to ensure circuits will trip in the event of a fault.

A total of 185 customers will be affected but there is a small risk of disruption to those in the wider NP10 area – including Bassaleg, Duffryn, Draethen and St Brides.

The National Grid website says: “From time to time National Grid carries out work in the electricity distribution system, for example, to maintain the electricity network or to connect new supplies.

“Inevitably, this means electricity supplies have to be interrupted for practical and safety reasons until this work is completed.

“Whilst we always endeavour to carry out our work with the minimum amount of inconvenience to our customers, there will be times when we have no choice but to interrupt the electricity supply.

“Even in these cases we try to opt for the times which are best for the majority of our customers, but because of our extensive rolling work programme, this is not always possible.”

If you experience an unexpected power cut, you can report it by calling 105. This will connect you to your distribution network operator which owns and maintains the power lines.