HERE at the Argus, we love nothing better than a good meal, and what's the most important meal of the day? Breakfast!

With that in mind, we returned to the recently-opened Soul Food Café in Caerphilly to try the breakfast locals are raving about. 

Marketed as a nostalgia café bringing back the food of your childhood, breakfast is also a big part of the cafe's remit, owned by Ross Walker and his partner Vicky Wheeler. 

Soul Food Café officially opened its doors at 8am on Saturday, and former hairdresser turned head chef Ms Wheeler said the turnout has "been manic since day one".

She added: "We get all our products from wholesalers, and we've been completely selling out every day. 

"We get really crowded right up until we close at 3pm in the week and see a real range of people - mostly businesses from the estate but also families with young children, both local and from further afield." 

Ms Wheeler described their range of cooked breakfasts as being "among the favourites" requested by the dozens of people who come in, be it either for a full English or what they have called 'an American breakfast' - sausage patties, bacon, hash browns, pancakes and strawberries. 

According to Ms Wheeler and her mother - the café is very much a family business - the other most popular items on the menu include lasagne, curry, and of course, on Sundays, their roast dinners. 

In a bid to see what all the fuss is about, we tried a variation of the American breakfast - pancakes, sausages patties, strawberries and a special helping of Nutella, along with a specially made coffee - absolute heaven!

South Wales Argus: This reporter tried the American breakfast - pancakes, sausage patties, strawberries and Nutella - yum!This reporter tried the American breakfast - pancakes, sausage patties, strawberries and Nutella - yum! (Image: Newsquest)

We're a sucker for good pancakes - and boy did these live up to expectation! Fluffy and coated in a delicious maple syrup, when paired with the sweetness of the fresh strawberry and dunked in Nutella - the perfect mix. 

While we found the inclusion of sausages to be a bit odd, the mix of flavours did still work in a very unique way that left us feeling very satisfied and like we'd truly had a hearty breakfast. 

South Wales Argus: Soul Food Café gets this reporter's seal of approval!Soul Food Café gets this reporter's seal of approval! (Image: Newsquest)

The atmosphere at Soul Food Café is very warm and welcoming, with some people already becoming well-known regulars to the staff. 

If you are after somewhere to bring your children for a good meal at the weekend or for a hearty breakfast before a long day at work - Saturdays are Jamaican night and Sunday is roast day - look no further!

Soul Food Café is open 8am-3pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday and 12-4pm on Sundays on the Pontygwindy Industrial Estate in Caerphilly.