A DRUG dealer was caught by police in the act when he was nearly killed riding his electric scooter after being involved in a crash.

Owen Pendree, 29, was street dealing on Newport’s Corporation Road when he suffered life-threatening injuries in the crash in February last year that left him in a coma.

He was blinded in one eye, suffered a bleed on the brain and a broken back as a result of the nearly fatal crash.

Officers found 29 wraps of crack cocaine worth £850 on him as well as a Nokia burner phone, prosecutor Matthew Comer said.

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Pendree worked as a barber but had turned to dealing drugs to pay off a £3,000 debt he had built up from his own cannabis use.

South Wales Argus: Owen Pendree

The defendant, of Cromwell Road, Newport, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and possession of cannabis.

The offences took place on Tuesday, February 28 last year.

Pendree is a serial drug dealer who has spent much of the last 12 years in and out of custody.

In September 2012 he was sent to a young offender institution for 18 months for possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and cannabis.

A year later in October 2013 he was locked up for 15 months for possession with intent to supply cannabis.

South Wales Argus: Owen Pendree. Picture: Facebook

In April 2019 he was jailed for 20 months for possession with intention to supply cannabis.

Martha Smith-Higgins, representing Pendree, said the defendant had also been involved in "a very serious bike accident" when he was 15 years old.

“He is now just 29 years old but finds himself needing both his knees replacing," she said.

“The defendant is left with brain injuries.

“As a result of this offending, he broke his back, suffered bleeds on his brain, broke his foot and lost sight in his eye.

“His life as he knew it is ruined because of it.”

His barrister added: “The defendant was a barber and the combination of the hangover from the Covid pandemic and his health issues meant that he did accrue a large debt.

“He needed pain relief and to do that he was using cannabis.

“He didn't go to the appropriate channels and get the appropriate and prescribed medication for that.”

Judge Eugene Egan jailed the defendant for 28 months.