AN INDEPENDENT food venture is offering a special Americana-style menu of specials for the month of February. 

Tin Can Kitchen, which has branches in Rogerstone and Cwmbran, has released a selection of Americana-inspired meals for this month, using flavours they describe as "big, bold and hearty", described as a 'For the Road' range. 

The business, owned by Barry Fallon and Jordan Phillips, first opened in 2020, and has quickly become a popular eatery for the locals. 

After having tried out their special Veganuary menu, we knew specials from this place are something to get excited about, so we popped down to try out this new menu. 

South Wales Argus: Tin Can Kitchen's 'For the Road' menu in all its gloryTin Can Kitchen's 'For the Road' menu in all its glory (Image: Newsquest)

First up was the undoubted star of the show - the Road House Pizza.

A large pizza topped with homemade Korean-style BBQ beef brisket layered over their unique marinara sauce and mozzarella, topped with red onion, roquito peppers, sweetcorn and Korean-style BBQ sauce. 

The Road House Pizza is only available as a large. 

South Wales Argus: The Road House pizza - large!The Road House pizza - large! (Image: Newsquest)As expected, the pizza was delicious, with the beef brisket bringing a level of heart and robustness you don't usually find on a pizza. The roquito peppers leave a slight tingling taste in your mouth that eventually gives way to a sweetness from both the peppers and BBQ sauce that is a perfect aftertaste to something so meaty that has a true kick. 

Next up on the menu was The Road House burger: a six oz hand pressed beef burger, fresh iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion slivers and garlic mayo, topped with American cheese, house-made Korean-style BBQ beef brisket, onion rings, pickles, American mustard and more garlic mayo. 

South Wales Argus: The Road House burger - delicious, and available in deluxeThe Road House burger - delicious, and available in deluxe (Image: Newsquest)

This reporter is a major burger obsessive, so this was pure heaven. Tasting just like your classic cheeseburger but with a subtle tang of garlic mayo and Korean-style BBQ style. You can even do a deluxe version with two beef burgers if you fancy it. 

But our favourite part of this meal was the highway fries: seasoned fries topped with parmesan cheese, garlic mayo, American mustard and crispy onions. Who doesn't love good old topped fries? 

South Wales Argus:

Perfectly cheesy and salty, this was takeaway heaven. 

We even paired them with the Road House burger for the perfect dinner. 

They weren't kidding when they said it was the 'perfect treat'. 

We highly recommend you run down to Tin Can Kitchen in Rogerstone to get these specials while you can!