A MOTORIST has captured the moment an Airbus plane fuselage navigated a roundabout in Newport.

Jason Pugh shared the pictures with the Argus after spotting the huge load on Southern Distributor Road at around 1.30pm today, Tuesday, February 6.

A lorry transported the Airbus A319-100 fuselage through Newport's streets as part of a convoy with police bikes and traffic vehicles.

Mr Pugh said he had "no idea" where the plane came from - or where it was headed.

Short-sighted and short-tempered motorists behind the Airbus were advised of a "long vehicle".

The Airbus A319-100 is a single aisle, twin-engine jet manufactured by Airbus Industrie, the European consortium.

It is part of the Airbus A320 family, the world’s best selling aircraft line.

According to British Airways, the model is 33.8m (111 feet) in length and capable of speeds up to 828km/h (511mph).

The Argus has asked Traffic Wales and Welsh Government's transport department for further details on this abnormally large load.

Newport City Council, which holds responsibility for the Southern Distributor Road, has been approached for comment.