BRACE yourselves for TV Gastronaut Stefan Gates’ revolutionary, hi-tech, highly-explosive new show, packed with outrageous science stunts.

On the surface it’s a riot of disgusting experiments built to delight young audiences, but under the bonnet it’s a brilliantly-constructed curriculum-driven science adventure designed to inspire Britain’s kids with a lasting fascination for science.

It’s based on the Rude Science book (Quadrille) and following huge sell-out shows at science festivals across the UK it’s coming to the Blake Theatre, in Monmouth, as part of its national tour.

Expect enormous bottoms, snot cocktails, vast whoopee cushions, pee-powered fireworks and ear-wax-oozing mannequins transforming complex science into educational hilarity.

Stef is a multi-award-winning STEM author and CBBC writer/presenter, and his high-octane, unpatronising delivery is adored by young audiences.

He revels in tackling the fascinating science that no-one dares to talk about while staying firmly on the right side of BBC editorial guidelines.

The show will be at the Blake Theatre, Monmouth, on Thursday, February 15.