A MAN fell into a life of drugs partly out of envy, partly out of desperation, and partly after suffering the terrible after effects of a motorcycle crash which saw him airlifted to hospital.

Ethan Sullivan, 18, was in court for possession with intent to supply heroin, being concerned in the supply of crack, and possession of a class B drug.

On August 1, 2023, a North Face bag containing crack cocaine, deal wraps of cocaine worth over £2,000 as well as £455 was handed into Gwent Police.

Fingerprint analysis on the bag came back with a match to Sullivan.

Then, on August 12, in Caerphilly, a police patrol stopped a Volkswagen. When officers went to speak to occupants of the vehicle, which included Sullivan, they could smell cannabis.

Officers searched the vehicle and found Sullivan to have baggies of cocaine in his possession as well as cannabis on him. They also found cash and heroin in the vehicle. CPS estimated the heroin found had a street value of around £4,000.

Despite the charges against him, it was said in court that young Sullivan lived in fear of his drug dealing paymasters and had to live with crippling disability after a bad motorcycle crash.

From Ty Coch, Rhymney, Sullivan was envious of the lifestyles the drug dealers he came into contact with could afford with their ill-gotten gains.

Coupled with that envy was worry and desperation after his benefits were cut off for not turning up to appointments.

But Sullivan was crippled with low confidence and low self-esteem, for which he used cannabis to prop himself up.

He was also involved in a terrible motorcycle crash which left him with memory lapses, a slowness in decision making and pain in the left side of his face.

In mitigation, Sullivan's defence lawyer summed up his client's sad situation by saying: “It was a period where he was in a bad way.

“He was easily influenced by others. He also became bored and saw people dealing drugs able to buy nice things.”

On the drug dealers Sullivan came into contact with, his defence lawyer continued: “He became afraid of these people and did not want to think of the consequences if he did not follow their instructions.”

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Sullivan’s defence added: “He (Sullivan) was struggling with nervousness and a lack of confidence. After a motorbike accident he was airlifted to hospital and now suffers with pain in his head and takes slower time to make decisions."

In terms of his use of cannabis, Sullivan described how it gave him “focus” and “confidence.”

At Newport Crown Court on February 2, Sullivan was sentenced to 22 months in prison suspended for 24 months for possession with intent to supply heroin and being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine.

He received no separate penalty for the cannabis charge.