AN ENTIRELY plant-based sushi bar and restaurant will be opening its doors in Chepstow later this month.

Hikari, a sushi and noodle bar based at the former site of the Shangri-La Asian restaurant in  St Mary Street, is set to launch it's fully plant-based and vegan menu to eager diners on Monday, February 19.

A range of dishes feature on the menu including tempura prawns (hold the prawn), salmonless salmon nigiri, and eggless egg in the form of tamago.

South Wales Argus: Matsu Moriawase - a range of different sushi and nigiri with condimentsMatsu Moriawase - a range of different sushi and nigiri with condiments (Image: Yvonne Yee)

The sushi and noodle bar will also feature Singaporean laksa noodle soup, which is aromatic and coconuty in flavour, crispy duck pancakes and chicken katsu curry.

Owners Eng Wah Chew and Yvonne Yee have followed plant-based diet for years after Mr Chew turned to the diet in a bid to do his part to save the planet, and studied in a Buddhist temple.

South Wales Argus: Salt n Pepper Prawn made with potato starch and kelp extractSalt n Pepper Prawn made with potato starch and kelp extract (Image: Yvonne Yee)

Chef Chew

Chef Eng Wah Chew was born in Malaysia on the island of Penang, which is known throughout the culinary world as a melting pot of cuisines with Chinese, Thai, Malay and Indian influences.

To learn the art of Japanese food which now makes up the majority of Hikari's menu, Mr Chew lived in Japan to study the cuisine before working as the head chef in Japan Centre near Piccadilly Circus in London.

Mrs Yee has said she and her daughters eat a plant-based diet now as well.

South Wales Argus: A selection of tempura called Tempura MoriawazeA selection of tempura called Tempura Moriawaze (Image: Yvonne Yee)

Hikari plant-based sushi and noodle bar

The owners have confirmed that prices of dishes range from £3 to £12.50, and two people can eat at Hikari sushi and noodle bar for £25.

Address: 17 Saint Mary Street, Chepstow, NP16 5EW

Number: 01291 901271