Burglaries are deeply unsettling when they happen, this month we have seen the latest figures released for Gwent Police Force and other police forces.

It is such an invasion of people’s lives to be burgled, and households will need confidence that cases will be dealt with efficiently and quickly.

The funding pressures being felt by police forces have not happened in a vacuum, of course – they are part of the legacy of austerity so ruthlessly pursued in Westminster.

The UK government have also cut ring-fenced funding for Police and Community Support Officers in the police funding settlement.

But things don't have to be this way - and the continuing cuts to front line policing services are yet another reason why powers over justice and policing should come to the Senedd and Welsh Government.

An independent commission last month recommended that this needs to happen with urgency. If we had these powers in Wales, we would be able to make improvements to people’s lives and make investment where it is needed. We need a funding settlement that allows crimes which affect people’s lives to be resolved quickly and close to home.

In terms of other things I've been working on this week, it's #HeartUnions week, which is an event that allows people to tell a story about why trade unions are vital for everyone at work.

We can see the value of trade unions in their approach to ensure fair pay and conditions in the workplace.

Ahead of a junior doctors strike later this month I urged the Health Minister, Eluned Morgan to return to the negotiating table with doctors’ leaders to avoid more strikes.

The pay of junior doctors in Wales has been cut by almost a third in real terms since 2008-09. There is real danger that successive pay cuts will drive even more doctors away from the profession at a time when patients need them most. Doctors' salaries must be fair and competitive with those in other healthcare systems around the world, otherwise we will lose them.

Finally, I challenged the Welsh Government over the impact of cuts to bus services on people’s lives. A constituent has written to me to complain that there is no direct bus from Caerphilly town to the Grange Hospital, and I know that there are towns across the region where similarly there are no direct buses to the hospital. If this is something that affects you, please let me know - my email address is Delyth.Jewell@senedd.wales.