ONE Monmouthshire village has been baffled by a new 20mph speed limit sign which is at odds with a 30mph road marking just metres away.

Retired police road traffic officer Ian Tremlett said he believes the limits, in his home village of Llanvihangel Crucorney near Abergavenny, could not be enforced.

“I’m sad to say, with 30 years’ experience, I get confused as to what the speed limit is.

“The signage is still farcical some five months after the 20mph law was introduced,” he said. “The signs on the post as you enter at each end of the village show 20mph, yet painted on the road surface is the figure 30.

“This means the signage is illegal, does not comply with chapter 8 of the UK Government’s traffic signs manual, and cannot be enforced.”

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Mr Tremlett also highlighted other locations with “poor and confusing signage” in the Abergavenny area, including the unclassified roads from Pantygelli and Old Hereford Road in Mardy.

South Wales Argus: Mr Tremlett says there are other locations around Abergavenny with 'poor and confusing signage'Mr Tremlett says there are other locations around Abergavenny with 'poor and confusing signage' (Image: Google)

“Sooner or later, somebody is going to be killed because of the total confusion and incorrect signage for these speed limits,” he said.

“What is worse is nobody will take responsibly for getting the signage corrected. I have done my best to get this matter resolved with no success at all.”

Monmouth MP David TC Davies says he will write to the highways team at Monmouthshire County Council about the conflicting signs in Llanvihangel Crucorney.

“The evidence is mounting against Labour’s calamitous 20mph speed limit roll-out and this is another classic example,” he said.

The Welsh Government is completing a review of the way the new default speed limit was implemented, though both of the Welsh Labour candidates to succeed Mark Drakeford as first minister in March have committed to the 20mph policy.

Welsh secretary Mr Davies continued: “Drivers turning off the A465, which has a 50mph limit along that stretch, are immediately greeted by a 30mph sign painted on the road just metres away from a 20mph sign.

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“No wonder drivers are confused, angry and disillusioned. You couldn’t make it up and inconsistent signage is only serving to undermine the disastrous 20mph policy even further.

“It goes to show this whole process was rushed through without any proper thought or consideration and five months down the line, ministers in Cardiff Bay still haven’t been able to come up with a coherent set of speed limits.”

Monmouthshire County Council has been approached for comment.