STEELWORKERS will lead a march through Newport this weekend amid uncertainty over their jobs.

The Community union has arranged the family-friendly rally to set off from Gilligan’s Island at 11am on Saturday, February 17.

They will march through the city centre and conclude with speeches near the Chartist statues outside the Westgate Hotel.

Community has asked steelworkers to wear their work jackets and helmets to show their pride. Members of the public are also invited to show their support.

The march comes after proposals from Tata Steel UK to cut thousands of jobs, including at Llanwern, east of Newport.

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The company launched a formal 45-day consultation on its proposals, which would also affect Port Talbot and Trostre steelworks, on February 2.

Community has told Tata they will “not be bound” by the 45-day timeline, arguing that consultations should take as long as necessary.

South Wales Argus: 'Save our steel' rally on Newport's Millennium Bridge before Newport County's FA Cup clash with Manchester United'Save our steel' rally on Newport's Millennium Bridge before Newport County's FA Cup clash with Manchester United (Image: Jessica Morden MP)

Alun Davies, the union’s national officer for steel, said: "Steel is part of our DNA in Gwent and over the years we've seen the impact that job losses in the sector have had on our community, from Ebbw Vale to the Orb Works in Newport.

“The deal which Tata have proposed for Port Talbot and downstream sites like Llanwern, would be devastating for South Wales and the UK as a whole, with dire consequences for jobs, the economy, and national security.

"It doesn't have to be this way, and there is a credible alternative on the table in the form of the Multi-Union plan which Community and GMB have put forward. That plan now has the support of industry experts, the Labour Party and MSs from all parties in the Senedd.

"Saturday's march is an opportunity for the public in Newport to show their support for local steelworkers at Llanwern and for the industry as a whole. Our message to Tata and the UK Government is a simple one: we need our steel."

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Jessica Morden, Labour MP for Newport East, said: "The people of Newport have always stood with our steelworkers and will do so again.

"Tata's bad deal for steel would be hugely damaging for Llanwern, Port Talbot and all of South Wales; losing vital, highly skilled jobs in support of what is now widely seen as the cheapest option on the table.

South Wales Argus: Jessica Morden says Tata has a 'bad deal for steel'Jessica Morden says Tata has a 'bad deal for steel' (Image: Tata Steel)

“The Tata plan would devastate our primary steelmaking capacity, weaken national security, and undermine wider efforts the green the economy by offshoring carbon emissions to heavily polluting countries overseas.

"It doesn’t have to be this way, though. The Multi-Union Plan represents the credible alternative to the Tata-UK Government bad deal for steel and secures a just transition for workers whilst avoiding the need for any compulsory redundancies.

"Llanwern, Port Talbot and the wider steel industry could and should have a bright future. For that to happen, Tata need to rethink their damaging proposals now."