Recently, steelworkers from Llanwern and across the UK, along with Newport’s Labour councillors, Jayne Bryant and John Griffiths MS, Ruth Jones MP, Vaughan Gething and I, marched through Newport city centre to send a message to the UK government – we need to save our steel industry.

At the end of the march, we were met with 300 steel daffodils, each one representing a potential job loss at Llanwern Steelworks over the coming months and years – a stark reminder of what the Tory government is doing to the UK steel industry.

As well as the impact on steelworkers and their families, to put the UK on a path to becoming the only G20 country without sovereign steel-making capabilities to decarbonise on the cheap is short-sighted, leaving us dependent on imports for the steel required for the UK’s defence and major infrastructure projects.

At a debate in Parliament this week, I raised these points, while also reminding the government that the average age of steelworkers at Llanwern is around 35 – you can hear what I had to say on my website at

Our steel industry deserves better than this, and if this government can’t step up and do the right thing, they need to step aside and let a Labour government get on with it.


Earlier this month, I joined Pill councillors Debbie Jenkins and Saeed Adan for a walk around the area to learn more about the good things going on there, as well as the challenges faced in the ward.

It was interesting to get an overview of the area through their eyes and to see some of the brilliant community facilities that have recently opened, including the Newport Yemeni Community Association’s (NYCA) cultural hub. The NYCA is chaired by the brilliant Reggie Al-Haddi who is a real community champion.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop and chat, and many thanks to Debbie and Saeed for taking me around.


Next week, the UK government will deliver its budget to the House of Commons, and while we won’t know the exact details until the Chancellor makes his statement, a cut in inheritance tax has been heavily rumoured.

Having overseen the biggest decline in living standards since the 1950s as well as record inflation with prices still rising too fast, and with the country now in a recession, a cut to inheritance tax that will only help the richest five per cent in our country is not a priority for people across Newport East right now.

After five Prime Ministers, seven Chancellors and nine Business Secretaries, hardworking families are paying the price for this government’s fiscal mismanagement - it’s time for change!


Concerns about the cost of living are still among the highest queries I receive in my inbox. If you’re concerned, there is help available.

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If you’d rather chat in person, my next resident constituency surgery will take place in St Julians on March 2.

At the time of writing, there are still a couple of appointment slots available, so please do get in touch if you’d like to chat.

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