TEMPERATURES seem to have taken a more wintry turn after a deluge of rain - but is it going to snow in Gwent this week?

The Met Office says there is a chance of snow over high ground on Friday, March 1, while many others can expect a mix of rain and sleet.

Overnight temperatures will go as low as minus one degrees in Blaenavon.

People in Newport will be treated to temperatures of three degrees above zero, but chilly winds will mean it will feel colder across Gwent.

Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon said: "It'll be a largely wet and often breezy week of weather in the south of Wales.

"Low pressure is firmly in charge of the UK's weather, with fronts bringing in some periods of rain in what will remain a cooler week than what we've experienced throughout much of February.

"There's a chance of some snow falling to high ground in Wales on Friday, but any accumulations to lower ground further south is quite unlikely, with a mix of rain and sleet for many on Friday."