CONCERNS have been raised over a dangerous “blind spot” near community allotments in Underwood.

Claire Peach, who owns a plot at the site, says there have already been two accidents at the Waltwood Road junction - which leads to the allotments - this year.

“The road is often used as a shortcut when there are problems on the motorway,” she said.

“It can be very busy at times, with people who have no idea the turning exists.

“It’s important to act now if we want to reduce the risks around such a blind spot.”

The lane comes out to the road just after a pair of 30mph signs which means vehicles could be still travelling at 40mph.

South Wales Argus: Can you see the lane?Can you see the lane? (Image: Google)

John Griffiths, MS for Newport East, is calling on Newport City Council to “take measures” after being contacted by a number of gardeners who use the site.

On a visit, he found the tree line gave residents “zero visibility”.

The council said responsibility for the treeline and access roads lie with the private landowner.

Mr Griffiths also heard drivers were having to make an educated guess when leaving about whether it was safe ahead.

“This isn’t a new issue, but it’s also a dangerous one - and one which needs looking at urgently,” he said.

“As we move into the spring and summer months, the allotments will become busier and busier. People are putting the safety of themselves and others at risk as they leave.

“There have been previous accidents at the junction. The speed at which some people are driving, means there would be no chance of avoiding a collision if a vehicle pulled out.

A spokesperson for Newport City Council said: "The access road to the allotments, and the treeline in question, is privately owned. Responsibility for both lies with the landowner.

"The council is not authorised to carry out work on either site, but will look at writing to the landowner about the issues raised.

"The council is responsible for vegetation by the roadside, which has been cut back."