Melin Homes, a housing association in South-east Wales, is working to bring new affordable housing near Chepstow.

The Church Road development in the Llanishen area near to the town is projected to have eight properties, thoroughly developed and managed by Melin Homes.

To craft the new abodes, Celtic Offsite, a product of the United Welsh Group, will provide timber frame structures crafted in their Caerphilly-based factory.

Meanwhile, M & J Cosgrove Construction Ltd will build the homes.

Managing director of Celtic Offsite, Neil Robins, said: "We are committed to bringing more affordable, energy-efficient housing to South Wales, and this opportunity to work with Melin Homes and M & J Cosgrove Construction Ltd to create more homes for Chepstow is a positive step."

Melin Homes' director of development, Gerrard Williams, stated: "For us, as a social landlord, it’s not only important to do what we can to minimise our impact on the environment, but also to create homes that are affordable.

"By working in partnership, we can further develop initiatives to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and hopefully also lower energy bills for our residents."

The two and three-bedroom homes, will accommodate individuals in need of affordable housing, as advised by the Monmouthshire County Council housing list.